Remember when Riff Raff used to do that thing with the capital letters and the lowercase “I”s? Remember Riff Raff? I liked him most when he was skinny minnie.

Holy fuck it’s hot. We’re in Cancer season I think. I’ve been doing unexpected amounts of research on the zodiac tree or whatever. For some reason it has been bringing me a lot of comfort.

A really big part of me doesn’t wanna write this; I’ve been so uninspired… And for someone like me who’s so extreme, I hate to even try if I’m not giving my all. If I’m not serving it up piping hot.
Fuck it.

I finished re-reading one of my favorite books, you may know it as James St. James’s (oh God, I’m talking about gay things again!!! Here we go…) Party Monster. Near the end of my read I realized why I adore his writing style so much: it’s because he’s my sister sign!! Hey girl!! We share the same dramatic tendencies. No sparing the theatrics.

If you aren’t familiar with Party Monster… Do not become familiar lol. It’s a maddening true crime tale with nauseating irreverence. Drug-fueled tranny violence. Quite fucked up. But I love how it’s written, so I revisit it from time to time.

Now I’m back on track with my read of The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. I keep putting this book down. I do like it, I do, and I’m amazed with it in faint sprinkles, but in-between I’m picking my teeth. The characters are setting up camp again? I thought this bitch could reanimate the dead. I really just wanna finish it so I can start a new book. And unless they pick up the slack I ain’t interested in the other 13 volumes.

As for gaming, oh good Lord! I’m trying for (I believe) the FOURTH TIME to complete System Shock 2. Like, I’ve restarted the game four fuckin’ times. I read that in Paula Deen’s voice. Speaking of which, can we pause, and take a look at this video?

Sorry, I, uh… Anyway- I’m playing this run in the military branch and I am loving every second of it. Actually makes me question why I ever took heed in the navy at all. I can still hack like a motherfucker. But I can hack and use all the different weapons to my advantage. It’s a much more satisfying playthrough this time around- I’ll try to finish it this time. I just made it to the 6th floor; still got a ways to go.

I’ve also put a good number of hours into The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I was hesitant to buy it since I liked the first one so much and I was scared the new edition would frighten me. And it has, a little bit. But it has improved upon all sorts of things; there are so many new mechanics to play with! I haven’t once gone back to the OG. Although I prefer the OG’s music over Rebirth. Sue me.

I tried (AGAIN!) to play through the Vikings DLC of Mount & Blade: Warband. I literally have to tweak all the settings to noob-ass easy mode because the default is so fucking unforgiving. And I’m a Nordic bitch too; I’m ashamed. You seriously die after getting hit 3 times by raiders. The FUCK.

Ok, music, music… What have I been listening to… I’m not much of a music girl. I don’t like anything traditionally nice. The stuff I listen to is exciting, I wanna be AWAKENED. I have actually never been one to be calmed by music. I’d rather be in silence.

So one thing I’m definitely into is what I now know to be gospel rock, or contemporary Christian music. I consider myself an unfortunate Catholic. Yeah, I believe in the man upstairs. I don’t think I treat him right, though. Don’t love him enough, or something. Anyway, I’ve been listening to this sort of genre since I was young-young, starting with Relient K, and moving up to Red and Skillet. I feel most nostalgic for Red. His voice is beautiful. Now what I don’t understand is why Demon Hunter has never been nominated for a Grammy Award. They’re fuckin’ awesome.

I’ve also been listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album Lust for Life! I am a die-hard Lana stan. I… I just adore this record. She has come so far in her personal life and is overcoming past struggles and I am all here for it. Somehow, through all these years, her music remains interesting and intuitive and… oh, I just love that Lana Del Rey. So proud of her for not killing herself. (Yes, seriously…) Shit gets dark up in there sometimes. And honestly if I heard that on the news, like just recently that man from Lincoln Park, I would have felt so left behind. But she’s still here to cherish. God is good!

Y’know what, let’s leave it at that. Go check out that new record on my behalf. Godspeed!