I regret a lot of things in my life but one huge thing that resonates with me is my failure to switch to PC. I actually think about this everyday.

I decided to come up with this post after looking at my copy of Skyrim on PS3. Literally a brain aneurism. I love Bethesda to pieces, but this port is fucking awful I want to die. If you’re not familiar, “porting” is lingo for transferring software from one system to another. Like, porting a Zelda Nintendo game to the PC.
So Skyrim for PS3 is a train wreck. A train wreck with casualties – everyone dies, and also goes to hell too. It’s a game that was meant to be played on the computer with a keyboard and mouse. But because I’m inept, I have a Mac, … period. Yeah, there are some alternatives to make it work on Steam, but I’m too afraid to purchase it and have it not work. Like, that whole Wineskin deal? How come Steam doesn’t have a Skyrim Mac edition with Wineskin applied FOR me? They did that for System Shock 2. Except that was just Wine I think. …It’s complicated.

Here are some reasons why Skyrim for PS3 gives me hives.

– The game freezes and crashes all the time. Every hour, at least. And sometimes it’ll freeze for a moment and go back to normal and I swear that single moment makes me feel like I’m in danger.

– To play off of that, you’ve got to safe often. And saving takes so very long. This is true with every PS3 game, though. You gotta go into a menu, select save, select the save file, and wait 5 seconds. Yeah it doesn’t sound like much, but with PC games you mother fuckin’ slap a button and it saves instantly.

– For me, there are few games that I’d prefer to play with a handheld controller. The preciseness of a mouse is unprecedented. And I just feel like it takes more physical effort to do things with a controller. There’s more steering with the joystick, when instead it can be done quicker with a mouse’s flick of the wrist. I’m not coming for console gamers, honestly! It’s my inpatient preference.

– Load times. Other than saving, there are times where the game needs to load. Like when you’re entering a house, or establishment. On PC it happens with a snap of the finger. On PS3 you’ve gotta wait. And this time I mean really wait. There are short paragraphs of information on each loading screen and you can read ’em a couple times on PS3.

– The accessibility is not as fluent on PS3, in terms of selecting weapons, magic, and potions. It just ain’t instantaneous!

* Some other somewhat irrelevant tidbits

– DLC, yeah I can get downloadable content on the PS3 but why would I choose to suffer more?
– I’m not a modding kind of gal but a bitch can’t modify on a console. Honestly the only modding I have ever done with any videogame is changing the textures in Minecraft. And that’s pretty great I will admit.

Hope that makes sense because it’s coming from a place of genuine honesty. That’s all I gotta say.