It’s funny how my mindset changes depending on what I had to eat recently.

I just ate a lot. Not, like, a lot, but more than usual, and I’m so foggy-minded right now. I find reading to be more difficult when I eat too much. I don’t interpret the words as quickly.

This could partially be because I’m petite, and when all this blood goes to my gut to digest, I’m in a daze. So naturally if I want to pump out some brain power I’ll eat lightly. I have some suggestions on what to eat if you want to get shit DONE.

The cuntiest meal on earth- your vagina will smell great

Salmon and don’t cook it so harshly it has a straight up crust
Salad with only a little bit of whatever dressing you want don’t be greedy that honestly is my biggest turn off when someone receives a beautiful God-given plate of green goodness and they dump a generous portion of what is now SAUCE on top

Oh she’s a working girl meal

No not that kind of working girl. Ok maybe. It depends on the customer.
Haddock OR tilapia only like 3/4 of a filet and also chill out with the butter MORE fresh lemon but you can still have the butter just calm down
Potatoes this is where it gets tricky because you’re gonna cross the line if you have too many so please be AWARE. If we’re talking mini potatoes only have like 3 yes specifically 3 potatoes or less. But have at least one potato
Salad honestly have salad with all your meals and be SEVERE with the spinach because that stuff makes me think real good.

Robbing a pet store and liberating the animals meal

1 single steak tip don’t look in my general direction if you cook your meat any more than medium-rare. If it’s overcooked it’s not meat and you’re vegan.
1 single egg you can do this how you like I won’t judge. But I am also not judging because I cook them over-easy and that essentially means I’m paranoid and impatient.

Writing a fictional novel meal

That brothy soup they have at Hibachi grill It’s so fulfilling but incredibly bland. This may be my whiteness coming out of me but I believe bland food gives me strength. Anytime I eat something too spicy I feel like the chef was aiming to kill me.
Steamed vegetables I don’t even like steamed vegetables.
Some booze While we’re at Hibachi we might as well sip down some warm sake

Mugging and mopping 

Shrimp OR crab True power stems from seafood. I like beef and chicken and those sorts of flesh too y’all but it’s usually too heavy for me. 

Desert don’t even have desert I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in terms of Christianity sweet treats are meant for Sunday so don’t do sin and eat them on any other weekday. Ok but honestly I can’t eat desert food before doing anything. I don’t even know it makes me light headed

Comment what your favorite seafood is. I won’t reply I’ll just acknowledge it and smile. God bless