Ok let me talk about episode 2. First off, who are the B-52’s? And that lip sync…

This episode’s challenge was cheerleading. Now… What the fuck kind of a challenge? And I was convinced that drag was not a contact sport. Ru wants all these girls to suffer.

I don’t really remember the episode all that well, so I’m basing some things solely off of Untucked. Remember when Logo used to let you watch Drag Race on their website without typing in your cable provider information? Yeah… Life was simpler back then.

Opinions on the challenge itself… A clusterfuck. This is coming from someone who has already viewed episode 3, which was a masterwork of clusterfucks. I’m wondering who fucked up the show. Like, seriously. Who is lacking? Who did they hire? Is it the editing team? ‘Cause the organization of these first 3 episodes has been unacceptable. And where are the mini challenges? This main challenge was just all over the place, and I think it was partially because of the athletics. Drag makeup and hair is heavy and uncomfortable. Ru knows this, so I think this was maliciously funny to her. If Charlie Hides fell from the top of the pyramid she would have died! That’s the T. What I really want from this show are more low-energy moments, believe it or not, because that’s where you see the personal sides. I don’t care for drag cheerleading! It’s kind of meant for light weighted women!

Alright whatever, let’s focus on the runway looks… The theme was white party…?
Nina Bo’nina Brown: Like it, don’t love it. Nothing special
Alexis Michelle: Nothing special
Shea Couleé: Oooh geometric… Queen of dragometry… One of the better looks.
Charlie Hides: Not to be an asshole but my first thought was WOW WAY too skinny for her age. The outfit is good, another top of the night.
Sasha Velour: What? No… No. What?
Aja: Genuinely was concerned as she walked out, mask held securely to face. The dress is very elven and I’m into that, but… Nothing special.
Jaymes Mansfield: Nothing special
Cynthia Lee Fontaine: Not bad, not good. I like the sparkle!
Farrah Moan: Good, not great
Valentina: WOOOOOOOOOOOORK. I’m not obsessed with the poof on the bottom, but she did bring a story to create the illusion that this was very thought-through, and it was fierce.
Trinity Taylor: Love the material! It’s a good look.
Kimora Blac: She…brought…color… Like if you bring color to the white party you’re gonna be bringing all the attention to the colored details. She looked sexy but that’s not fair.
Peppermint: Oooh this was interesting. A large white coat with some edge, she looked good.
Eureka: This is the antonym of memorable. Again, why is there color on the runway? No shade to RuPaul. Don’t wear black to the white party, next.
Oh, wait, that’s it?

I’m disappointed in these outfits. Part of me is trying to regard the runway theme as a flop, but… Your limit is wearing one color. And maybe, if you want, make it appropriate for a party scenario. I’m sensing a lack of creativity this season; feeling bored. Can you believe it? Bored of DRAG.

Anyway Valentina won and Jaymes Mansfield and Kimora Blac were put on the chopping block.

And that lipsync, gorl…


Listen…. I’m all for gender expression, but I don’t like the lipsync to have a masculine voice involved. Way to suck me out of the illusion, B-52’s. But also, with a male singer, I feel like there’s a… a disconnect between the song and the lipsyncer. How are you supposed to feel your oats to the noise of a deep-voiced hooligan? If anyone has a rebuttal to this, please send me some suggestions below in the comments section.
That lipsync sucked. Afterwards I realized that Ru could have eliminated both of them if she so pleased. I’m actually sure RuPaul had the same realization later that evening, while filing her toenails, but the decision had already been made. Did you lose the earpiece, Ru? The voice of reason?


Some random snippets to comment on:

Love that Cynthia is getting praise for her contribution to her teammates.

Aja literally asks who’s the most annoying queen. I think she wanted attention on her, so, work. Then Eureka rudely tells Alexis Michelle how rude she thinks she is and my eyes took a trip to the back of my head. Eureka is insecure and it wouldn’t show AT ALL if she just kept her mouth shut when nasty thoughts clouded her head.

Speaking of Alexis I lawled when she dipped to the other side of the lounge to put her hand on Kimora’s back. Like she wants to be front and center when getting personable with people… I’ve noticed that when one of the queens has a vulnerable moment all the other girls flock around her. I find it very masculine.

Riding on this train of thought – that’s why Jaymes got so much attention. If this was a competition full of biological women, Jaymes would have been cast into the shadows and left quietly, but because she was so vulnerable, the other queens made such a big deal out of it and ultimately embarrassed her and made it worse. It’s a dominant-submissive thing and you can see how it works pretty clearly in these Untucked moments. Half the dominance in the room is taken up by Alexis Michelle and Eureka, but they portray it in different ways.

There was a moment where Charlie Hides talked about her age. In the heat of it all she told Eureka to shut up which was brilliant. I wish Charlie didn’t choke after she said it, though, because that sort of let Eureka own the moment.

Then enters Valentina with a cringey remark on Charlie’s age. She straight up asks Charlie for her age and is like “applause for the elderly gymnast” (not really) and for learning the choreography in 2 days. ‘Cause we all know Charlie’s mindful abilities began receding after age 40. She goes to her station, hoping for a moment of clarity, when Nina Bo’nina Brown follows her (vulnerability!) and takes it all in. Then Alexis Michelle of course, she’s gotta stretch those meaty legs. Eventually Charlie is announced safe and Kimora punts Jaymes Mansfield into the depths of hell – very gently for the lack of my enjoyment – and RuPaul has a stroke and the episode ends.

God these take forever to type.