Let’s start with Nimdok.

Alright, so in the beginning of the game you’ve got the whole team. One by one, you’ll put these sinners up for selection.
AM will administer the treatment. Click on Nimdok (white robe) to begin this walkthrough.

Nimdok has got a quick storyline. Use your left mouse button to click an action, and to use it.

AM comments briefly on your objective

Nimdok’s plot is based in a German Nazi concentration camp. You can tell by the horrible accent. Talk to the prisoner and guard, and proceed through the hospital door (the building to the right).

Here you will have a quick conversation with an accomplice. Look at the 1945 poster NOW, this is important. Enter the curtain to the right.

Though the curtain you will come across an anesthetist and a young patient. Talk to the anesthetist, then try to take the ether on the bottom of the cart. The anesthetist won’t allow you to take it. Take the scalpel from the white dish, and “use” it on the anesthetist. Nimdock will stab and kill him. Now you can take the ether.

Enter the room beyond the white curtains.

In the back there is a recovery room filled with dying patients. To enter the next room, click the action “Push” and use it with the vent blocking the passage out of the recovery room.

Hidden behind the recovery room is a room with ovens. “Use” the records on the table, and “Use” the oven on the far right. “Take” the blue pliers and gold watch on the table. Proceed through the door.

Once outside again, talk to the new victim stuck on the fence. “Use” the ether on him. Then “Use” the pliers to remove him from the wires. Then, talk to the prisoner in the blue shorts.

If you looked at the poster beforehand, the prisoner should want to talk about the year 1945.

He will tell you that the latin engraving on the watch says “Time is truth”. Enter the hospital.
He’ll only ask you to remove the wires.

On the cot there will be a new patient. Talk to him. “Use” the ether on him. You can then take the jar of eyes connected to the wires. Continue through the passage behind the white curtain.

The child will now be in the recovery room. Talk to him, and make sure he’s said all he can. Backtrack to the operating room, and return to the first room in the hospital.

In this room there will now be a box on the table. Take it. Use the box with the jar, in order to protect the jar from being broken. Exit the hospital.

It’s a great sequence, though

There will be a small rebellion going on outside the hospital. Give your pliers to the prisoner in the blue shorts.

Ask why he says that you’re one of them, and then ask if you’re allowed to go. You’ll be redirected to a secret passage.

There is a wall of tortured faces to the right, a pit of corpses in the back, and a door leading to the bunker to the left. Enter the bunker.

Use the teletype in the back. Walk to the entrance to the right.

To the right there is a red switch, “Use” it. This will turn off the light in the vat. “Take” the mirror that’s in the vat. Look into the mirror. Next, “Use” the eyes jar with the golem.

If done correctly, you should be able to wake up the golem. Click what the barbed wire man said. Next, select “Time is truth”. After that, select “Golem, wake up!” Then select the sentence regarding 1945. Kiss the golem. He will awaken.

This is honestly such a pain in the ass to accomplish.

Tell the golem to follow you back to the last room. Talk to your former associate. After you’ve had your conversation, show him his reflection in the mirror. If you’d like, you can ask the golem to kill him in his state of shock.

Ask the golem to follow you outside. There, the prisoner in the blue shorts will confront you. Transfer control of the golem to the member of the Lost Tribe.

Nimdok will be promptly killed.

Finally, you’ll arrive back in reality, being tortured by AM.