The YuGiOh fan struggle. I’d love to buy more cards, but it’s not really worth it. I mean, I’d get to look at them and stuff, but… I don’t have any friends to play with me. The guy that got me into YuGiOh dropped out of college and lives hours away from me. We used to duel every day. Since then, I haven’t met ONE person that knows how to play. I have a few friends that are willing to learn, but they’re working a lot, and they aren’t all that interested to begin with. It’s been almost TWO MONTHS without ONE solid duel. My deck remains unshuffled.

I’m also bummed because I’m hesitant to play Dota 2 again. The other day I got high and decided to play a round. I was honestly doing the best I could but this guy bullied me through the whole damn match (no I didn’t tell anyone I was baked). Not trying to sound like a wussy but it was kind of scary. When I told him to leave me alone he got really offended and embarrassed himself in front of the whole team. I checked his Steam profile, though, and he’s put 300+ hours into Dota. In the past 2 weeks he’s spent 55 hours gaming. What a low-life. I just really don’t like it when people get aggressive over a multiplayer game.

I’m thinking about trying a demo of World of Warcraft. I played a little of it a long time ago with my cousin. That same day we also played Half-Life 2.

UPDATE I played like 2 hours of the demo and was not feeling it. If I’m being real, I don’t remember enjoying it much when I first played it either lol. It was a big ass file so now I feel like a dummy, I don’t think I’m gonna play any further. Here’s what throws me off about it: there’s so much ground to cover. And I don’t feel like there’s enough detail in the environment? I enjoyed making my character, but that’s about it. OH YES and I completely caved and bought some YuGi cards. I bought this 100 card lot off Amazon which will probably be horrible and the Realm of Light structure deck. I will OF COURSE make a blog post once I get these cards!!! Spendin’ my money frugally.

I’m starting to brainstorm a BIG blogpost idea… I own I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream on Steam and I’m THINKIN’ I could do a walkthrough. That might take a while tho. We will see. I’ve played through it once (…lmao) and I loved it EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THIS GAME.
OH YES and I’m forming a Backloggery. You can find me as DelinquentDuo on

That’s all for now.