So, as of recently, I’ve been getting into The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

This is coming from someone who has not only played Skyrim first, but has played Skyrim on PS3. A brief moment of silence for me, thank you. I couldn’t tell you how many fucking times that game has crashed.
Oblivion is… It’s really sort of… It is, uh… It’s a bit hard to get into. I wanna say I’ve invested 8+ hours by now, and half the time I’m thinking “gosh, I wish I was playing Skyrim”. I never realized what a dramatic leap Bethesda had made in The Elder Scrolls when they produced the fifth installment. There’s something amiss in Oblivion, and maybe I’ll have a better understanding of it once I finally get a gaming computer to play Morrowind. For one thing, THAT BLOODY MAP THO. Okay, like, it’s cute and all that the bordering territories of Cyrodiil are included on the main map, but the cursor speed is slow like my progression in life. When I start nearing non-existent provinces I wish the arrow would come to a halt, but it don’t. Also – and this is likely because I’m playing on the PS3 version of Oblivion – the cursor is SO HARD to land on landmarks for fast traveling. Overall the map would be so much better if I could zoom out to see the big picture. Thank God they changed this for Skyrim.
Another thing that is off for me is the dungeons. What…. what is wrong with them? Thus far they’re either a dirt/underground tunnel or blue-tinted booby trap ruins.

and I honestly prefer the rat holes.

I can’t get down with the ruins. I feel like each one is the same dimly-lit structure with the same shit and the same games. These look so badass from the outside; I can’t resist going in! I’m disappointed every time. So… many… skullies… One time I saw a zombie though and that was exciting. I feel like as I progress in the game I’ll “unlock” better enemies, but I’ve been tryna get EXP off rats, bandits, wolves, ghosts (which I love), imps, goblins, and those trolls from Oblivion that spit fire. It sucks when creatures like these still kick my ass. My restoration spell is weak and health potions are sodding expensive, so, like, I dunno.

For a little bit I was progressing through the main storyline, but I came upon a quest that I could not complete. The Path of Dawn. Those fucking cultists got some moves. Raven is a beast. So I’m taking some time to level up, which has not proven easy.

By now I’m at level 4, I believe. I’m also rocking light armor instead of heavy.

I shoulda’ taken a photo of the custom class for my character Satan: Devastating. …Oh, I spelled it wrong. Other than that, it’s pretty killer if I do say so myself. I’ve been working with a one-handed sword and my two-handed claymore. In an attempt to get shit done I joined the Fighters and Mages Guilds. I learned, through one of the Fighters Guild quests, that countering helps. Like, it helps A LOT. It shouldn’t be long before I’m jacked enough to take back the Amulet of Kings from Raven’s decapitated corpse.

Something else about Oblivion… The history and lore behind it all – it’s boring me. A lot of the time, when characters start rambling off about the history of Cyrodiil, I’ll button-mash and pray for them to change the subject. There’s so many references I can’t wrap my head around.
Alright, I’m gonna quit typing and post this.