Honestly peroxi clear works just as well as clear care in a shorter amount of time it’s perplexing
Anyway so I had two tests today- one big dang bio test and a mammals identification test, thank you amphetamines for sustaining me. I will FOR SURE update on this topic.

If God willing, I should be able to wake up tomorrow morning and pump out this climate change paper. Draft. You see, I restarted Resident Evil 4. It’s a must-play in terms of third person shooters. Leon’s so badass and has that sexy flipped hair.

“Luis gets all the ladies.”

It’s known for the insanely annoying escort Ashley, the president’s daughter, who looks like Velma from Scooby-Doo.

It’s just really fucking nice, Miss Graham, when you’re grinding my asshole when I’m trying to take a shot. I’m just trying to get by, y’know? I shouldn’t have to tell you to wait a few feet away from me all the time. I’ve probably unintentionally copped a pop in this bitch three or four times in this play through. 

Found this on Google; very relevant

If you beat the game once or twice you’ll unlock different outfits. My personal favorite has Ashley decked out: Medieval realness. 

I believe in this set Leon’s wears a pimp outfit.

alright coooool night