I’m currently suffering through Biology class. We’ve been reviewing amoeba for the past eight classes and it’s slowly eating away at me. It makes me want an amoeba amiibo.

What I truly want out of this experience is to go back to the dorms and stop thinking of this microscopic shit. Ideally I’d like to play New Leaf or go back to sleep. Unfortunately for me and another 15 people, I’ve got Bio lab to sit through shortly after I escape from the depths of this classroom.
Do I have questions about the paper??? Yes. Where can I find the golden fountain? How tall is Mount Kilimanjaro? Only God knows for sure, where has he been?! I’m pretty sure he sent Christ to deal with these concerns. He just hasn’t come back because of all the paperwork.  
So, like, I might as well throw out there the reasoning behind my username, evacuation device. This image should quench all possible questions:
Wish I could use this trap in class :/
Oh, yes, the oogi. Now listen here, I’m not the most sophisticated oogi duelist, but I know my traps good and well. Can’t say I come close to understanding pendulum or XYZ, however. A few weeks after I started playing, Dueling Network got lynched and that was incredibly traumatic for me. I don’t frequent it anymore, but you can find me as TrapTragedy. Oh right, before I forget, rest in peace sweet purple Prince. 
Alright so yesterday in New Leaf I brought my green chair to Cyrus and he whipped up a real interesting alternative to my busted mass-manufactured ass-wiper. Find one of those emerald ores and make sure you ask for the matching green pillowcase. I’m trying to find a picture online but it looks like no one’s got the style like I do. Recommended highly; I rarely keep any of my ore-related furniture but this one’s dope.
Speaking of irrelevant New Leaf news, I also completed my fossil exhibit. I’ve played this game for AT LEAST 300+ hours and I couldn’t find this ONE BLOODY SKULL for the longest while. Believe it or not it was the gift of 4/20 that was my savior, I finally found the final skull, finishing the collection. Blathers was sooooo impressed. I later celebrated, respectively.
Them owls need a couple more employees to cover their day shifts; they’ve got narcolepsy problems. Like, you hand Blathers an insect, something that thoroughly ruffles his feathers, and within SECONDS he’s unconscious. It’s like really unusual and I’ve tried to raise concerns to Isabella but the only complaints she takes is about the fashion sense of other villagers. Which is well relevant and I respect that. 
Class is almost over and throughout the hour I’ve lost so much of myself. I’ll be heading back to my dorm now to stare at the wall.